This Achievement Standard requires students to explain urban settlements. This includes explaining the patterns within an urban settlement, the processes that have caused these patterns and change that the urban settlement has gone through.


Settings are the regions within which we study a topic. We study urban settlements in two settings, New Zealand and Singapore.

What do I need to know?

In the external examination, you are required to demonstrate your own understanding of the knowledge learnt, concepts used and skills needed to study population patterns, processes and issues. Click on the links to find out more.


What's in the exam?

Each year NZQA give us a rough guide as to what will be assessed in the final exam. Always check this against the Achievement Standards, as this will give you more indepth information about what the examiner is looking for. The assessment specification informs us of the exam's focus. Make sure you discuss this with your teacher.

Assessment Specifications

    Past Exams

    Past examination papers and examiners reports are avalible on the NZQA website. The PDF files are the best to download, however due to copyright, not all the resources will necessarily download. Ask your teacher for past exams if this occurs. Use the examiner's report to check your answers.


    The latest class notes

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