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Population Studies


This Achievement Standard requires students to examine population patterns, proceses and issues. This means examining population patterns, the process and issues to do with migration, and population changes to do with size, structure and the related issues.


New Zealand
You teacher could choose any country to study.

What's in the exam?

Each year NZQA give us a rough guide as to what will be assessed in the final exam. Always check this against the Achievement Standards, as this will give you more indepth information about what the examiner is looking for. The assessment specification informs us of the exam's focus. Make sure you discuss this with your teacher.

Past Exams

Past examination papers and examiners reports are avalible on the NZQA website. The PDF fiels are the best to download, however due to copyright, not all the resources will necessarily download. Ask your teacher for past exams if this occurs. Use the examiner's report to check your answers.

The Latest News

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      Population_BBC.pngThis site will help you understand what we have been learning about. You can only use the information about India and China in your external exam though. Play around with the population pyramids and the Demographic Transition Model, these should really help your understanding of these.

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