Geographic Skills


Geographic skills are required throughout all levels of Geography. As you move up the levels, the difficulty and thinking required becomes more challenging, however the basics remain the same.

Geographic Skills

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Patterns & Trends
Photo Interpretation


Each year NZQA give us a rough guide as to what will be assessed in the final exam. Always check this against the Achievement Standards, as this will give you more indepth information about what the examiner is looking for. The assessment specification informs us of the exam's focus. Make sure you discuss this with your teacher.

Click on the links below to find out specific information about each Achievement Standard. The past exams and examiners reports links will take you to take you to the full list for your level, scroll down to the skills papers. The PDF file is usually the best one to open. Have a look at the other exams while you are there.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3


Settings are the regions within which we study a topic. Your skills examinations will be chosen from either a New Zealand or a Overseas setting. The examinations will be from a context you have not studied this year because is testing your ability to apply the geographic skills you have learnt throughout the whole year.

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