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Geographic Issues


This Achievement Standard requires students to examine a contemporary geographic issue, the viewpoints related to it and evaluate courses of action.



Geographic Issues in the News

Below is a series of links and RSS feeds to the latest issues around the world and in New Zealand.

    World Vision

    Check out this blog from World Vision field workers. These are the people who are out helping people in the world who really need it.

    World Vision Radio
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    • Rickshaw Ambivalence
      For the past three years, reporter Peter Aronson has lived in India, where rickshaws are a common sight. He says he recoiled at the idea of using another human being to get around. But after speaking with some drivers, he has a different perspective.
    • Muzzling Journalists
      Journalist Roxana Saberi was released from an Iranian prison a couple of weeks ago. Her case highlights the dangers journalists face in many parts of the world: censorship, beatings, imprisonment, even death. The Committee to Protect Journalists e...

    World Vision News
    World Vision Media